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Doctors and Healthcare

It is well known and an accepted fact that by and large, the doctor forms an essential part of the healthcare sector.

Now who is this person called DOCTOR?

There have been many definitions, but for the general public, let’s just put it this way. A person who sees patients, identifies their diseases by evaluating the symptoms and clinical signs with the help of blood tests or xrays etc.. and treats them with the knowledge he has gained by studying and obtaining a degree is a DOCTOR.
Some countries use the term physician to denote the same. But all said and done,  a doctor is supposed to deal with patients and help them rid of their problems.

This person,the Doctor, leads a very funny life. He preaches good health to his patients but never takes care of his own health. He advises people to quit smoking and drinking but many a times, he himself yields to them to escape from the routine stress. He asks his patients to eat properly and that too at a proper timing, whereas his timings of food intake is completely awry.

A funny person, this doctor is.

The only thing he never does is retaliation. He takes all abuses with a smile and a pinch of salt. He tries his level best to save patients but in certain cases where he fails, he gets hit and  manhandled, but still, doesn’t retaliate.

This person is a danger to society, as he is living against all nature’s norms. An epitome of patience and understanding, he forgets and forgives very soon and goes on with his life, and will keep on treating patients to the day he dies.

Why doesn’t he not retaliate?

Because this DOCTOR is a mass of people with qualifications like


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