Inebriated relatives of patient assault doctor. Security increased. But why wait for more assaults to do that?


    In yet another incident of doctors being assaulted in India, the relatives of a patient manhandled a doctor in the Government Rajindra Hospital and Medical College, Patiala, Punjab. The incident happened on 13 July.

    The incident spurred a protest by about 100 PG doctors of the hospital. The protesters claimed that Dr.Manuj Chaudhary was slapped by three persons who entered the hospital premises in an inebriated condition.

    The protesters had demanded for higher security presence and CCTV surveillance-demands which apparently have been agreed by the authorities.

    Isn’t prevention better than cure?

    The incident is indicative of the nature of assaults that’s been going on for more than a while. It’s also indicative of another fact: that the authorities do not pro-actively improve security unless an assault happens.

    It’s quite evident that the alarming rise in such assaults denotes a skewed perception about the medical profession by the public. Something that clearly warrants proper security measures. Then, why do authorities wait till something bad happens to do that?

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