Being a doctor is hard work, but it is a very rewarding career

‘Patients need good doctors. Good doctors make the care of their patients their first concern. They are competent; keep their knowledge and skills up to date, establish and maintain good relationships with patients and colleagues, are honest and trustworthy, and act with integrity’ (General Medical Council’s Good Medical Practice guidance).

It takes years of study and hard work before you are qualified to work as a doctor and even then you will be continuously learning throughout your career.

Being a doctor comes with a wide range of challenges; including working in a busy and time pressured environment. Many specialties require doctors to work out of hours and it may not always be a 9-5pm job. Doctors are also team players and work with a wide range of professionals and non-medical staff to deliver high quality care to patients.

In addition to working in a hospital environment, doctors also teach and train students and junior doctors. To do this effectively they have to work at developing the skills and attitudes of a competent teacher, as well as keep their own skills up to date throughout their career. Doctors are lifelong learners and need to be able to apply their knowledge and skills in both a clinical and teaching environment. Some doctors also carry out medical research, which is a critical activity to improve healthcare for patient benefit.


Source – Medical Schools Council

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