Doctors are like God. They have the ability to help you heal,” it is said.

While they are seen as a god when they help a person recover, they turn into a devil when they are unable to protect someone. Recently, after a 65 year-old woman suffering from Stevens-Johnson syndrome died in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Lifeline Hospital in Panvel, Maharashtra, the doctor in charge was beaten up by the patient’s family members.

 This isn’t a patient but a doctor, mercilessly assaulted by relatives of patient who died after 12 days of icu care

Dr Sandeep Amle (32) is now being treated for the wounds he sustained after he was attacked at around 5 am on April 5.

Dr Amle has a fracture of the nasal bones, metatarsal fractures and blunt injuries.

Reacting to the incident Dr. Amle said,

People should understand that doctors are also human beings. The patient was suffering from Stevens-Jhonson syndrome, and was also diagnosed with pneumonia, paralysis stroke, and low platelet count.”

Dr Amle said that there was no communication gap between the doctors and the family of the patient’s, who were constantly updated about the patient’s condition.

For the first two days, the patient was in the ventilator, but after our treatment she had recovered, and moved to the ICU, but then past few days her condition had been deteriorating and yesterday morning she succumbed to her illness.”

The patient had been in the hospital for 12 days.

According to the doctor, the patient would have died three days after being admitted in the hospital, if she were not kept in a ventilator. The treatment had helped her slowly recover.

Doctors are soft targets and not big enough vote banks@Dev_Fadnavis @TawdeVinod thats why police not acting?

Dr Amle was just looking after the case because of his ICU duty, and was not even the doctor in-charge of this case. After family members of the patient attacked him, he tried to register an FIR with the police, but they were reluctant to register the complaint. The message he shared on Whatsapp has now gone viral.

I had to pass the pictures through my whatsapp because the police were not ready to file a complaint. I did not know it would go viral on social media,” said Dr Amle.

There were many people who came up protesting the injustice done to Dr Amle. Dr Amit Thadhani, Consulting General and Laparoscopic surgeon and Director, Niramaya Hospitals Kharghar, NaviMumbai, who had posted a series of pictures of Dr Amle said,

Doctors are soft targets. Continual negative media coverage is leading to further feelings of suspicion towards the medical fraternity. Incidents of assaults on doctors should be covered with the same zeal as articles attacking doctors.”

He also added,

“We do a tough job. Doctors are far more conscientious than they are given credit for. It’s not possible to deliver 100 per cent results.”

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