AURANGABAD: The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has opposed the proposed National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill2016, terming it as “not friendly” to community.

“The IMA leadership, state presidents as well as all past presidents have gone through the proposed NMC Bill and are of the opinion that the proposed bill is not community friendly and should be discarded as a whole”, IMA in a latest release said.

According to IMA, there is nothing new in the proposed bill. “The Medical Council of India is already carrying out all the functions enumerated in the bill under the aegis and provisions of the present IMC Act. The NMC bill is trying to refute the very same act, which is unnecessary. It is like rebottling old wine in a new bottle,” the association has said.

The IMA has also taken a strong objection to NMC Bill allegedly eliminating the provision of having both elected and nominated members. “Having only nominates members on the council is a mockery of a democratic process,” it has alleged.

The IMA has also raised apprehensions that the proposed Bill, if implemented, will eliminate autonomy and give 100% control to the Ministry of Health. “It will allow non-MBBS doctors to be decision makers and get registered in the National Medical Registrar (NMR) posing a threat to the medical profession as a whole,” it has said.

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Prasad Joshi| TNN | Sep 14, 2016, 01.36 PM IST

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