India has 9.4 lakh doctors of modern medicine, but a good physician to population ratio is hard to achieve in the present scenario of medicine. The bachelors degree in medicine takes 5-6 years and the Masters seat (Specialization) is out of reach to many aspirants. In order to overcome this factor the Govt has liberalised MCI regulations like
-relaxing the postgraduate medical teacher to the student ratio from 1:1 to 1:2, could result in more medical specialists in coming 2-3 years.
-To deal with healthcare workforce, as nurses don’t have much importance as a physician does in India; A govt scheme is been proposed to upgrade existing schools of nursing to nursing colleges with practice which are linked to govt hospitals which may lead to increase in quality of care in public healthcare settings like PHCs and Govt Hospitals.
– Earlier, India used to spent less than 2%of its GDP on health, Now to improve doctors/nurse to population ratio, govt has taken many measures to nullify the urban bias like mandating practice or internships in a rural setting, rural medical schools and to set up 6 more AIIMS like research institutions, 1000 medical centres every year and funded research projects are additional!
– Don’t forget that India has been a major supplier of healthcare personnel to many developed countries over years! may be the result of lack of enough healthcare infrastructure and strict laws forcingmigration but now the scenario has been changing
India planned to establish 200 medical colleges in next 10 years and is confident to meet the projected shortage of 600,000 doctors.  But many state policies(Unlike in Maharashtra where surplus MBBS doctors are been produced every year) and laws could be hindering super speciality education are to be amended soon as per a WHO report. Though many reports suggests that the decline in shortage of healthcare personnel is evident in India thanks to NRHM.
the healthcare research, infrastructure in terms of technology, lowering costs, medical teacher shortage and specialist education are the major tasks ahead of India to achieve soon.

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