The assault on four doctors, allegedly by the relatives of a patient, who died at the K.R. Hospital a few days ago, has raised several questions. Geeta Avadhani, Dean and Director, Mysore Medical College and Research Institute, said most patients reach K.R. Hospital in critical condition.

Despite the doctors’ best efforts, some people die owing to health complications. She said two or three attacks on doctors and paramedical staff had occurred in a year.

Complaints registered in the past with the police have not yielded the desired results. The existing laws as per the Karnataka Prohibition of Violence against Medicare Service Personnel and Damage to Property in Medicare Service Institutions Act, 2009 should be strictly implemented, she said. In most cases, attackers had been let off with light punishments. Though patients’ relatives have the consent letter, assaults still occur which was demoralising, she added.

The K.R. Hospital, it appears, needs a ‘surgery’ as it faces a few problems. A good number of drunken attendants stay with patients or loiter around on the hospital premises in the nights, ready to pick up a fight with doctors on duty . Such incidents are preceded often by the choicest abuses on doctors. Imagine the plight of a woman doctor in that case, said a doctor who wished to remain anonymous. The hospital lacks toilets for the staff as the ones located in the duty rooms are used by all, including patients’ attendants, security personnel and even dogs could be found sleeping sometimes, the doctor said.

Some of the security guards who are posted to the hospital through agencies are old and lacked the initiative to take control of complicated situations. There is an urgent need for improving the laboratory facilities in the hospital as prescriptions for tests and investigations in the night could not be carried out. About 1,000 patients visit the K.R. Hospital every day, mainly from the rural areas and from the poorer strata of society. On any given day there at about 600 to 700 patients admitted in different wards.

Dr. Avadhani stated that there was no dearth of medical officers at the hospital. Doctors get irritated when the kin of patients make mobile phone calls to MLAs and Ministers and hand over the phone to the doctors who are then forced to do the bidding of such VIPs. Concurring with the statements of Dr. Avadhani, Medical Superintendent B.G. Sagar said that assaults on doctors were occurring repeatedly and the authorities should ensure protection to them.

Dr. Avadhani said the police had agreed to post policemen at important sections such as medical emergency and casualty wards.

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MYSORE, June 21, 2013

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