Are you living a doctor’s life ?


On 1st of July, which is officially “National Doctors’ day”, I could not help but ponder how well are we doctors treating ourselves. A 35 year old doctor with triple degrees, died couple of days ago due to massive heart attack  and another 27 year old doctor commits suicide – such news sends a shiver down my spine.

Our life starts in late thirties. What do we do till then? Answer is simple-Struggle.

A decade or two of studies, research and adding on degrees with all permutations and combinations of English alphabets followed by fellowships and acquiring finer skills in procedures and what not. When our neighbour is trying to look thirty in forties, we pretend to like our silver streaks but, in reality we want to look mature enough for the patient to believe in our skills.

We always put up a charming smile in front of patients and their relatives even while answering their silliest of questions while we are left with very little patience at the end of the day to attend to our spouse’s simple and caring queries. While tending to our patients birth and death, we even forget our own birthdays!!

Hours, days and years of sleeplessness and not knowing the real meaning of weekends, one successful attempt in saving a life and our fatigue just disappears. How many of us have missed our little one’s school programmes or anniversaries? One strenuous surgery which takes about ten hours and any complications which is beyond our control and we end up praying for the patient’s life more than we have prayed for ourselves in an entire life.

We are questioned about our skills, knowledge and even about  final bills of hospital!! In the midst of all these psychological and physical stresses, are we giving enough time for ourselves and our families, are we taking good care of our health?

It feels divine when we save lives, it feels supreme to be able to deal with birth and death. We are born to be a different species all together. There have been a lot of wake up calls lately and things are changing. We would not like to see studies on how stressful a doctors life is or suicide and divorce rates among doctors, Let us show to the world that we practice what we preach.

To all doctors out there, who love your profession as much as I do, please take good care of yourselves. Remember,  the world needs you.

By  Dr.Prithvi priyadarshini .U.S. MBBS, MD, DM

Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist,

Narayana multispeciality hospital, Mysore

Ph:9972028553, email: