Killing the Doctor: Sarkari Style!



Govt. will not allow specialised doctors to leave India.
It will not treat them well too. It will not provide them security at the hospital, anyone can walk into the hospital and kill a doctor, thrash them.It will pay them peanuts in the face of rising prices of even water and petrol.

It will not provide quality education, transfer teachers for MCI sanction protocols, sabotage PG seats, keep the govt hospitals in the dirtiest state possible because there is no control upon different vote banks. It will not provide good libraries, wifi, food, hostel facilities to students, not even tap water in the washrooms, no drinking water, and above all, charge heavy fees for this education. There are at least three students in each room all over Indian medical set ups. It will indiscriminately use undergrads, interns, PG residents for handling the country’s excess healthcare load free, expose them to life threatening diseases by not providing basic protection gears, and enforce inhuman work schedules: almost every batch witnesses a hostel suicide.
Add some teachers and professors in a relationship with the govt., who take advantage of students, PGs, etc. in umpteen ways, personal and professional. Ill behaved, sadists, revengeful, bad examples, but still your examiners, officially allowed to massacre your career.

And then it will claim to have spent crores for the education of doctors. Where?

While one endures all this for over a decade, maintaining sanity, merit and in most cases celibacy, in the hope of a good life, and good medical practice, there is a favouritism to promote corporate, rich set-ups and drown small private hospitals / practitioners. You have two options: merge in a system that is finance based, or die. If you want to survive only ethically, keep on toiling till the end of life, with no respite if you get sick or die.
The country is full of hypocrites, rich and poor, intelligent and otherwise, who remind doctors of the Hippocratic Oath, while themselves living under table. They disappear when a good doctor needs them.

And while the meritorious from IIT, Engineering, Law, Technology, Hoteling, Fashion, Administration, Management can find justice to their merit and career in developed world, the Indian doctors will not be allowed to do so. Their crime: they chose medicine as a career.

Hargobind Khurana, Vivek Murthy, Venkataraman Ramakrisnan, Amartya Sen, and many others who dazzled the world with their talents, winning highest accolades in their respective fields, what would they be, if now in India? Probably being forced to defend some high profile corrupts or surviving media judgments.

Well, if the govt is so short-sighted as to not realise that if they make foreign careers impossible, fewer students will enroll for medical studies, especially specialisations, next year onwards.

Days of career compulsion and oppression of the talented were over with Hitler. Please do not bring them back.

I love my country, and want more and more specialists to practice in India, with no corruption at all. But a patient is patient anywhere else in the world, and a doctor will only treat patients, anywhere in the world. The doctor has one life too, it must be his / her decision where to practice. The PG bond is the most ridiculous proof of inequality in treatment of the meritorious.

There will be excellent doctors who practice for charity, I respect them. But to expect every specialist to practice for charity is like saying that every leader , every minister and everyone in the society must renounce all wealth and be like Mahatma Gandhi, wear only a dhoti and lead as simple a life.

Till the time you yourself cannot live a life exactly like a Mahatma Gandhi or Vivekananda or any Saint of your choice, please *#*#*#* stop advising others to do so.

Simple common sense (one can get it free in the soul-sanctum) says that if the country stops doctor-bashing, improves the security and remunerations, offers better respectful treatment, better working conditions in non-corporate set-ups (superspecialty hospitals will cost far lesser than underwater bullet trains or overbridges), many doctors will not leave the country or choose other alternatives.

High profile criminals can get all assistance and escape to other countries, doctors can not!

Our last hope is some prevailing sense of equality among the Judges in Indian Judiciary.
© Dr. Rajas Deshpande.

Source:  Dr. . Rajas Deshpande