Why are Indian doctors so good, Indian doctors best in the world


Why are Indian doctors so good

Indian doctors so good because before India became world famous as the IT capital of the world, with its hordes of software engineers, India was better known for its highly qualified Indian Medical Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses and Medical Technicians.

From the early 1960s there was an acute shortage of Doctors, Dentists and nurses in countries like USA, UK and Europe. Indian doctors, dentists and nurses were grabbed by these countries to work there. They soon came to be very well liked and respected for their friendly approach and their high skills. Thus Indian Doctors became world famous for their high skills and their friendly gentle manners.

Many of these doctors and surgeons have since returned to India after their admirable services in USA, UK, Europe, etc. and set up in India very high tech, top class hospitals, equipped with the most modern medical instruments. It is to these hospitals that many people from the advanced countries come for treatment. In these hospitals the specialist doctors are world class and much more skilled and experienced than their counter parts in the advanced countries like USA and UK.

We take the case of Dr. Prathap C Reddy, Founder Chairman of Apollo Hospitals Group, one of the most favoured destination for Medical Tourism. Dr. Reddy graduated in Medicine from Stanley Medical College, Chennai, India and then went to UK and became qualified as a Cardiologist. He then went to USA and did his Fellowship from the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston. Later he joined the Missouri State Chest Hospital where he worked for several years.

Dr. Prathap C Reddy, Founder Chairman of Apollo Hospitals Group returned to India in 1978, and eventually founded Apollo Hospitals in 1983, now considered one of the best Hospital chain in India. There are several other similar stories of Doctors with illustrious careers in UK, USA who have returned to India to start or join up with famous Indian private hospitals.

Indian doctors best in the world

To understand why Indian Doctors are the best in the world, you should know their background. The ambition of almost every school kid in India is to become a Doctor. Hundreds of thousands of students apply for admission to Medical Colleges. Because of this rush, competitive Entrance exams are held and only the top rankers, or only the brightest of the brightest, get admission in Medical Colleges. So from the start, the raw material for making an Indian Doctor is the best. There are many Medical Colleges in India, all strictly controlled by the Government, to keep a good standard of Education, otherwise they lose their license. With so many Medical Colleges, every year, India produces more Doctors than any other Country in the world.

The Medical and Dental Colleges where these doctors learn have a huge numbers of patients, because these are mostly government run hospitals and it is free for the local population. Thus there is a tremendous number of patients in these hospitals, and the student Indian doctors gets a lot of hands on practical experience. The old saying “Practise makes Perfect” is so true in the case of Indian Doctors. India with its more than a billion people, provides ample practice to the Indian Doctors and Surgeons. Only the best Doctors and Surgeons in India get to work in the top Hospitals. To become a top doctor in India, they would have had a lot of practice by performing hundreds of successful surgeries in a Government or other smaller hospitals, where they worked before, and made a name for themselves.

Like doctors in India there are many Nursing colleges and colleges to turn out lab technicians for analysis of blood samples, etc. and operators for sophisticated instruments like CT scanners, etc.

Like the doctors many Indian nurses and medical technicians have gone to the advanced countries where there was shortage of nursing staff and many of them have returned to India and taken up jobs in the top Indian private hospitals. So it is no wonder that in India you have the best equipped hospitals and more importantly, the best doctors in the world with the best nursing in the world.