Why are doctors assult by the relatives of dead patients?


Example 1

one doctor gave emcet injection to child who was having vomiting at night ( emcet is used for vomiting) than went to home and child died due to choking on his own vomit. doctor was threatened and his clinic ransacked. he has legal case on him due to this. he gave treatment at 2 am in night still parents believed their children died due to injection.

Example 2

patient who undergone uterus removal operation died 5 days after going home, mob came to hospital and ransacked it. after post mortum cause of death was cardiac arrest.

Example 3

this happened to my close friend

a child came with fits and he took all consent and started treatment. child first improved but suddenly in evening patient collapsed and died. mob came and beaten him cause they thought child died due to him. he has taken all consent and have explained mortality still. even he has told them if they want to go to some other centre they can. child’s parent knew this but the people came after death didn’t want to believe it.

now let us see causes

  1. poor knowledge about medical field

if patient has difficulty in breathing and you try to tell them various cause of it and its different consequences, they will say first start the treatment. doctor tries to treat patient with utmost care but sometimes death happens. now people will start blaimin the doctor that he couldn’t even treat simple difficulty in breathing. one of their relative was just given nebuliser and he was alright. this doctor didn’t gave patient nebuliser so patient died. doctor have tried to expain but for them doctor is evil now.

(for patient: always listen or ask doctor about consequences of their health problem. don’t fight after you have accepted to undergo procedure or treatment)

  1. doctor tries to treat even near death patient without explaining prognosis

nowadays people are getting more arrogant towards doctor, so don’t start treatment before explaining everything to patient’s relative even if it delays treatment. people are not going to give you medal nowadays if you treat correctly and quick but you will sure loose your hard earned reputation if something bad happens.

( advice for doctor: always take informed consent, never treat emergancy without explaining)

  1. mob doesn’t have mind

it’s impossible for doctor to explain everything to every relative of patient. one of the relative will find problem and can make mob violent even if patient have died due to some other cause.uy they just want fun in damaging hospital.

(one case in aanand gujarat where mob thrashed hospital staff and doctor cause they believe their child died due to pressure applied to hand during iv line introduction, really wtf )

( never allow relatives in icu, their half knowledge can severely damage your fully knowledged soul)

and my advise to people

if this persists no doctor will treat patient in private , you won’t have any option than corporate hospitals and it will be costly and without huminatarian approach.



Vishal Paarmar