Lives Of Live Savers In Peril


Brutal attacks on doctors cannot be tolerated.

The lives of the people who save lives is in peril. They do their job with utmost professionalism and treat all lives alike.Still there integrity is questioned and sometimes in violent ways.

In yet another onslaught on the medical fraternity, at least three junior resident doctors were assaulted by the patient’s attendant at Kalawati Saran Children’s Hospital on 21st of July. Kalawati Saran Children’s Hospital is located in central Delhi and has the state’s largest neonatal wing. In an unprecedented of sorts, more than 1,200 doctors  went on a flash strike within few hours to protest against this assault. As reported by Hindustan Times,  the emergency services at the hospital were suspended on Thursday(the day of the incident).

The case in point was was a three year old child suffering from encephalitis. She was admitted at the hospital on Wednesday night in a critical condition. The parents were told right away that she may not survive. The girl passed away around 5 am on Thursday morning.It’s natural that the death of a child hits the their parents in a unimaginable way but that’s no reason to hit the doctors in a incomprehensible way. The enraged parents called up their relatives and friends and around 15 odd people barged into the paediatrics department and thrashed three resident doctors on duty. They were armed with iron rods as reported by one of the duty doctors. The doctors ran inside the duty room for cover while the guards rushed away.The victim’s mother reached the Nadir of human nature when she bit one of the duty doctors.This shows the apathy of the medical fraternity especially when it comes to their security.

(Doctor gets bitten by the relative of a patient, who died in the hospital on Wednesday night. Sourcd:


Dr Vivek Chauksey, president of the Resident Doctors’ Association (RDA) at Lady Hardinge Medical College has given the details of the incident and added that the residents would not join work unless the attackers were put behind bars.

The doctors will decide tonight whether to continue the strike tomorrow or not.

Earlier Incidents

On July 3, relatives of a patient who died of severe wounds sustained in a road accident had damaged the casualty wing of Ambedkar hospital in Rohini. They had also chased the doctors and security staff.

Last month, relatives of an infant who died during treatment at Chacha Nehru Baal Chikitsalaya in east Delhi were seen on camera beating up doctors inside the critical care unit.

On May 24,a young resident doctor was beaten up a patient and two men in a hospital in Mumbai.As he was working on the computer, a chair was smashed on his head by the patient. All this was caught on a closed-circuit tape.

In January at Maulana Azad Medical College in New Delhi, doctors who had treated a pregnant woman who died from respiratory failure were attacked by a mob of about 50 of her relatives, who threw chairs, saline bottles and equipment at them, doctors said. Terrified staffers avoided the melee by locking themselves into a nearby room until help arrived.

(Doctors of Vikram Sarabhai General Hospital protest outside the hospital, demanding security while on duty, in Ahmedabad. Source:

Buzz4health spoke to a few doctors and they quoted,

“These incidents bother us. We want a basic peaceful environment. Each time we treat a critical patient, we are scared about the consequences in case things go wrong.The hospital should provide us with basic security and patients should understand that we don’t perform miracles.”

These are cases that reflect that we care about none but ourselves and even doctors aren’t spared our wrath in case they fall short of our expectations. We need to understand that doctors are humans and not gods. The state administration must create a working environment for doctors and must ensure their safety.