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[NP]Stop violence against doctors: Doctors are also human. Difference is we study longer work much harder, most of the people for much less than they deserve and it’s lives we deal with. No show for error so some of us even feel superior not that I justify it. (self.india)

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When patients come to us they insist that we are like god/doing god’s work. We tell them we are not. But when something wrong happens to their patient it’s the doctor’s fault we tell them again we are not god. In fact the disease was given to them by god and we might even be antagonizing god in an attempt to save them.. Name one other profession doing as much as the medical fraternity that gets bullies as much on such a large scale?

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Manhandling doctors is never a good idea. But I feel people who do that do it just to channel the pain they received from the death of their loved one. Anyways, denying other patients medical service because of a few jerks isn’t justified. What doctors can do is blacklist such people and deny them medical support in the locality. They can pursue them legally, but going on a strike isn’t done.

what if I did study in AIIMS ? Do I need to sacrifice my life just because i studied in a ” premium government college “? How many times must I be beaten up by family members that did nothing in their power to help the patient, bring the patient to the hospital only when he/she is terminal, and then beat up the doctor for failing to save him/her ?. Will getting beaten up 3 times fulfill my “obligation” to stay and I wil get a certificate that ” I did something for my country ? “. Does the money I sent back home does nothing to improve the economy in India

out of my batch, 12 students were beaten up in the Emergeny. There was atleast one case of some one being beaten up every month in either Main emergency or the emrgency of the subsequent emergencies. There were frequnet verbal arguments in the OPD services as well, where People brought patients too severely Ill to be helped.

But I am sure your next point will be that It was the Doctors who are responsible for everyone beating them up. And thank you for proving me to be a liability for the country. I regret letting my country down to the core of my heart. I will catch the next flight home and start working in the villages and serve the poor

Yes sir i salute all doctors. But legal system sucks when relatives of patient start manhandling doctors, and police wears bangles and doesnt take action on assaulters. In such cases the doctors should write to the commissioner of police and if justice is not served, go for strike immediately. Stop all work in ot, icu, opd etc and close the hospital, discharge all patients and throw them out with one line report injustice for manhandling doctors. Let the judicial system learn the hard way.

I have travelled a bit around the world and let me just say this – Indian doctors is the best thing India has going for it. They are extremely capable, work for peanuts and for the most part do their jobs honestly and keeping in mind the patients interest.

There a couple of reason why a lot of people dont agree with me :

  1. Medicine is a very expensive profession and requires a very high individual capacity. Indian doctors are amongst the very best in the world – the only country which has probably better qualified doctors is the US, but medicine is very expensive in the US and out of reach for most.
  2. Medicine as a science is not as deterministic as we would like to believe. Mistakes get made and people die – that is a reality of it – even by the best doctors in the world. It is easy to hold the doctor responsible and the media kicks up a storm. However, based upon my personal experience, India has a REALLY good healthcare system – cheap, efficient and effective – as compared to singapore, middle east, all of africa, some european countries and the US.
  3. In my personal experience, of probably over a few hundred visits for myself/family, I have not once been asked by a doctor to do a needless test. I am not saying that it does not happen – but it happens a LOT more in a lot of countries like the US (where the patient is not paying). Infact there have been instances where I have pressured the doctor to order a test and he has refused or reluctantly agreed and has been proved right.



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