Doctors, we are here to support : Curofy supports IMA Satyagraha on violence against doctors


Dr. Sapna just finished her dinner at 1:00 AM at night after being on call for the last 15 hours in a busy government hospital. She was gearing herself for a busy night in the labour room. Just then a pregnant patient entered the LR along with her family members, half of whom were drunk. Doctors attended to her immediately & she was prepared for the delivery but little did the doctors know what was in store for them.
After delivering a healthy female child, Dr. Sapna went to inform the relatives but she was in for a surprise. Instead of being happy, the relatives turned violent and started hitting the poor lady doctor as they held her responsible for delivering a female child. This is now an everyday affair, use of abusive language by a non-doctor, anti-social acts by mob, and much more… Time has come for medical community to come together and raise voices.

A recent data has shown that nearly 75% doctors in India have faced some form of violence at work in the last 5 years. No concerted effort has been made to help the doctor community on these issues.

This is why Curofy is supporting the IMA Satyagraha against assault on doctors on 16 November. It has associated itself with various media agencies and medical associations to ensure that the voice is heard by the public and ministries.

Curofy is urging 200,000 doctors to join the movement on violence against doctors in India. Share this message among all your friends on social media to spread the word and drive participation.

Curofy has time and again reported incidents involving violence against doctors and we have also been receiving first-hand account from those doctors who have been victims of such incidents. We need more hands to make an impact at the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. To join the Satyagraha and save the Medical Fraternity,  sign the petition.


Mudit Vijayvergiya