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The patients and their relatives are sympathetic to the problems of doctors

Junior doctors participate in signature campaign at Siddhartha Medical College premises against the irregularities in rural postings in Vijayawada on Tuesday. (Photo”Junior doctors participate in signature campaign at Siddhartha Medical College

Vijayawada: The Junior Doctors strike has not shown much impact on the services in the Vijayawada Government General Hospital. The patients and their relatives are sympathetic to the problems of doctors and request the government to address the demands of doctors and see they will not boycott services in future.

The house surgeons and senior residents have somewhat succeeded in taking the issue to common people. In Vijayawada they have started a signature campaign. The patients and their relatives understand the problem of the doctors.

Mr Ura Rajaiah, suffering from cancer visited the hospital, unaware of the strike. He said, “the doctors here are good human beings. They treat us with compassion and see us as their family members. But, I don’t know why they are on strike again and again. Why the government does not solve their problems and prevent them going on strike again?”

Doctors are expecting positive response from the government. But, they said that they are ready to call off emergency services at any time.

Dr Surya Kumari, superintendent of GGH, said, “As of now, we have no problem with the strike. Our superiors are making every arrangement to me-et the situation. But, they want to settle the issue in a peaceful manner.”

ADME Dr K. Venkatesh is discussing the demands with DME and minister.

They are too positive about the demands and want to settle the issue. I hope there will be no need of the doctors call off the emergency services.”

Meanwhile, The junior doctors and senior residents strike in AP reached fifth day.

The doctors conducted a rally in the Siddhartha Medical College and Vijayawada Government Hospital premises and started a signature campaign. They explained their demands to the patients and their relatives and sought their support.

Dr Y. Ramesh, a senior resident in Siddhartha Medical College said, “No one from us is against the rural service. We are ready to do it and serve the people. What we wanted is registration of our degrees prior to the service. In the medical colleges, we were shown as faculty for MCI inspections. It is illegal and the colleges saving lakhs without recruiting qualified and permanent staff. As an unregistered doctor, we should not treat anybody. God forbid, what if a mistake is done during the treatment? Is the college or hospital responsible? The registration gives us moral support to treat the person with confidence.”

Another senior resident said, “The ADME Dr K. Venkatesh said that they cannot track the doctors after the registrations. We are demanding registrations because we want to serve people in the state. If they cannot track a doctor, what is the meaning of running the whole medical system? If they fear that the doctors may skip the rural service, they may cancel the registrations of the doctors who abandoned it.”

Dr Kranthi Kumar, JUDAs committee member said, “We are expecting a speedy solution from the government.”

Until then we continue the agitation. We do not want the patients suffer. On Wednesday, we are planning a clean drive in the premises of the hospital and welcome everyone to participate in it.”

Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle


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