Wellington Hospital emergency room assault on doctor



A Wellington emergency room doctor was assaulted by a man she was trying to help with chest pains from withdrawal symptoms.

An unimpressed judge has told Thomas John Gillard he hoped he got to apologise.

Gillard, 21, who has a drug habit, had gone to Wellington Hospital’s emergency department on June 9 complaining that his chest hurt.

He did not like the service or what he was told by the doctor.

Gillard swore at staff, threw a full bottle at the doctor hitting her in the back, smashed a glass window and cracked the emergency room doors which were locked. The repair bill was more than $10,000.

“Those doctors are treating people who are seriously seriously ill.  Sometimes you just have to wait,” Wellington District Court judge Peter Hobbs told Gillard.

“It was completely unacceptable and I hope you get to apologise to the poor doctor.”

He remanded Gillard until March for sentencing and for restorative justice to be explored.

Gillard’s lawyer Joseph Griffiths said he was having withdrawal issues


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