Colleagues Assaulted, PGI-C’garh Resident Doctors on Strike




After assaults on two Resident Doctors in three days by attendants of patients and no substantive action by the authorities to redress the situation, the Resident Doctors of the renowned PGI-Chandigarh hospital have gone on strike from 8 am on August 22.

In a letter to the PGIMER-Chandigarh Director, The Association of Resident Doctors of PGIMER has stated that “The Residents are so apprehensive to work in this hostile environment and are frightened about their security and lives”.

The Association has further put on record that “The issues related to working conditions in Emergency Medical Out Patient Department and the need for improvement has been brought to your notice time and again, and no change has occurred in the conditions till date.” Clearly, the Resident doctors have put the hospital administration in the dock for inaction even after assault on doctors in the hospital.

TheResident Doctors have pointed out in the letter that “Resident safety should be a priority and now it is at stake …”

The Resident doctors have gone on strike in the hospital after discussions among themselves.

The main demands of the Resident doctors include strengthening of security, a police post, armed security in the EMOPD, system to classify patients on sickness levels, appointment of phlebotomists for sampling, alternative arrangements for report collection, limiting maximum number patients admitted in EMOPD, and system to refer back non-sick patients and unnecessary referrals.

Now that the Resident Doctors have gone on strike, they have informed the Director that the strike will continue until the administration finds solutions to each of the demands.

However, all emergency services and ICU’s have been kept operational in the hospital by the Resident Doctors, while Resident doctors will not discharge their duties in OPD, Elective OT’s and wards.

The Vice President of the Association of Resident Doctors, PGIMER, Chandigarh, Dr Amit Sharma, told DTMT on phone: “On August 17, a Resident Doctor was assaulted by a patient’s attendant. Again, on August 21, another Resident doctor was assaulted. We are protesting because we want justice. We also want our demands to be fulfilled.”

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