17 Assam residents injured in Wakhagre accident, relatives assault doctor



TURA, Oct 03: An early morning accident of a Pick Up truck lead to 17 people getting injured with a few of them in a critical state. The accident happened near the village of Wakhagre, about 15 kms from the town of Tura at about 7 am on Saturday morning.
Interestingly, the relatives of the victims who were taken to Hatsigimari Civil Hospital had assaulted the medical superintendent of the hospital, Dr. Robin Talukdar after it was found that the hospital was lacking medicines.

The relatives also alleged negligence by the hospital due to a lack of doctors, while blaming the Health Minister of Assam, Dr Nazrul Islam for neglecting the people of the region.
“There are only 3 doctors in the hospital meant to cater for the entire district. Is it enough? We can’t understand the lack of medicines in the hospital. We demand answers from those in authority including the minister in charge, Dr Nazrul Islam. It was only the timely help provided by pharmacists that ensured cure for those injured”, said a resident of Hatsingimari.

Meanwhile, sources informed that the truck in which the victims were travelling was filled to the brim with vendors from Assam, all of whom were on their way to Najing Bazar in Tura when the driver lost control of the vehicle while negotiating a turn, leading to most passengers being thrown out of the vehicle and down a small hill.
The accident caused injuries to almost all the passengers, with two said to be in critical condition. Most vendors on the vehicle belonged to the village of Dayarchar under Hatsingimari in Assam’s South Salmara district.
The injured were immediately rushed to both the Tura Civil Hospital as well as the Hatsingimari Civil Hospital where they were treated for their injuries before some were referred to Goalpara.

Courtesy: Meghalaya Times


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