The hospital authorities have deployed just a single doctor to see as many as 200 patients in just six hours.

Many patients have to return home on several occasions without being able to see the doctor. This leads to agitation and friction.

Annoyed over delay in treatment, patients waiting in queue allegedly assaulted a doctor at the Civil Hospital, Gurugram, Haryana. Hospital authorities claimed that after seeing some 200 patients, the doctor had taken a five minute break. Probably this led to the scuffle between patients and the doctor.

Dr Kanta Goel, principal medical officer of the Civil Hospital, said that after the alleged assault, the police was called. She added that an inquiry into the incident would be carried out and stern action will be taken against the guilty.

The heavy rush of patients and the deployment of only one doctor to see them is said to be the cause of the attack. According to sources, more than 250 patients had visited the skin OPD on October 21, 2016, when the doctor was attacked.

“Seeing 250 patients in six hours on a regular basis is a big challenge for a single doctor at skin OPD,” said a senior doctor at the civil hospital. On the other hand, patients expressed displeasure over the delay in treatment.

A kin of a patient had brought the patient to the hospital for the third time but he could not get any treatment. He said that he waited with the patient for hours on the first two visits to the hospital and returned without treatment. “This brings frustration to the patients who are already affected with ailments and they are left without treatment. This will obviously lead to agitiation,” he added.

“Assault on doctors loom large in the hospital. There is a strong need to deploy adequate security,” said MP Singh, vice-president of Haryana Civil Medical Services Association.

The moot point is as to why more doctors have not been put on duty if there is such a rush of patients, as claimed by the hospital authorities. It seems that not addressing the rush of patients amounts to negligence on part of the top management of the hospital, putting the doctors as well as the patients to duress. After all, hospitals are for patients and not the other way round

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