AHMEDABAD: A resident doctor at VS Hospital has registered a complaint against relatives of a patient for assault on him and a fellow doctor on Friday evening.
Ellisbridge Police started a search for the accused in the case.Hospital authorities mentioned that the same accused was involved in similar instances earlier too.

 According to the compliant by Dr Ravi Parmar, 29, a resident of Doctors’ Quarters at VS Hospital, he was on duty at trauma centre at 7 pm when EMRI 108 brought in a woman for treatment.
As the doctors were examining her and were asking for the symptoms, a group that accompanied her started pushing the doctors to admit her and start treatment.
“Even as the doctors explained the procedure and their need for more information, the relatives got enraged and assaulted Dr Naresh who was examining her. Dr Parmar and others rushed to his aid but was also beaten up. The accused were identified as Nasir Khan Pathan and his relatives Firoz Khan, Sairabano and Shaziabano,” said an Ellisbridge police official.
Courtesy: Times of India
Link – http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/ahmedabad/Patients-kin-assault-doctors-at-VS-Hospital/articleshow/49613914.cms