Boycott duties, submit memorandum to Minister and SP seeking arrest of culprits

The case of physical assault on senior gynaecologist R. Ashalatha in full public view took an unexpected turn on Tuesday with the medical fraternity as well as the police declaring Eswaramma, hailing from Empedu in Srikalahasti Rural mandal, as ‘not pregnant’ as she had been claiming.

The attack was condemned by members of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) Tirupati chapter, who held a ‘rasta roko’. Doctors led by honorary president C. Subramanyam and president D. Srihari Rao boycotted duties and submitted a representation to Minister Galla Aruna Kumari and Superintendent of Police (Tirupati Urban) J. Prabhakar Rao, seeking the arrest of the perpetrators.

Refusing to buy the contention that it was an impulsive act in a fit of rage, the doctors felt the attack was orchestrated by ‘vested interests’.

“As the assault took place in the presence of police and media personnel, how can we confidently treat patients?” they said.

The case kept the police and the media puzzled right from the beginning. It was first thought of as a case of ‘baby missing’, with Eswaramma making a hue and cry that a nurse Chamundeswari (later found to be a fictitious character) had abducted her newborn baby ‘delivered’ at the Maternity Hospital on Monday.

Though she had a consultation as an outpatient at Dr. Ashalatha’s infertility clinic in 2010 and visited the clinic once last year, she claimed of pregnancy.

“She visited us once, but left after stating that she could not afford the in vitro fertilization,” clarified Dr. Ashalatha.

Eswaramma’s name did not figure even in the records of the maternity hospital, where she claimed to have delivered a child.


“Eswaramma, who could not beget a child for 15 years, is a victim of psychological disorder and the trauma could have led to pseudocyesis, a medical term for the case of false pregnancy, though the symptoms appear similar,” IMA secretary P. Krishna Prasanthi told The Hindu .

On Eswaramma’s admission to an infertility clinic in Nellore as latest as August 20, she wondered how she could deliver a baby within a week.

Upon insistence by the police, Eswaramma underwent a thorough scan yesterday, which showed that she had never been pregnant. But enraged villagers, who were made to believe that Eswaramma was pregnant, went on a rampage.

“Based on the media footage, we have arrested Eswaramma’s husband Ramanaiah, another person identified as Ravi and four women for the attack,” Mr. Prabhakar Rao said.

Courtesy: The Hindu


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