AH! the mob mentality ,it is ,everyday becoming more barbaric than ever before . it is a very sad day for doctors in baroda. a very renowned doctor [surgeon ] was brutally beaten up by the relatives of a young patient ,who died 24 hrs after the surgery.  actually some other surgeon had operated upon the patient in his hospital. although it was most unfortunate that a young person had died after the surgery it is a known fact that  any surgery is associated with  certain risk factors including the death, without the fault of the operating surgeon and this fact is explained in written to the relatives of the patient before taking patient into the operation theatre . this in no way, absolve doctor from his duties and believe me when i say most of the doctors , atleast those i have seen in my practice so far , do everything  possible to cure and save their patient . in this case also, as soon as the doctor sensed that the patient is deterriorating, he shifted the patient to the nearby i.c.u but unfortunately  the patient died after few hours of their efforts to save his  precious life. the surgeon ,believing that he had done his duties honestly to try saving the patient ,came out of the hospital to tell the relatives . while the dead patient’s parents understood well that the doctor was not to be blamed for the death , some relatives called up goondas in few minutes , they came [around 25 people ,laced with chains, belts and sticks] in two jeeps and started  brutally assaulting the doctor . they dragged him out of the hospital onto the road , tore apart his clothes and attacked him with the weapons they had brought along with them. the doctor who was getting assaulted like a criminal, has been practising in the area since 15 years, he is well known for being a kind hearted doctor , someone who doesnot mind letting go of his fees if patient is not affording the money for treatment , someone who doesnot mind getting up in the middle of the night to help the needy patient without taking any charges . these facts are well known to the people in the area still when he was being beaten like a dog on the street no single soul came forward to protest or defend him . everybody stood on the side seeing the tammasha, so much for the goodness of the doctor . Disgusting !. he is a senior doctor ,well established , with much political and police clout and if this thing can happen to him  , what about the young doctors , somebody like me who is just new to the city . the tension and risk that we carry all the time in our profession cannot be compared to any other profession. and still the doctors are the soft target . i know the people who read my blog will also find fault with the doctors as people do have some bitter experience and also because the doctors are the favourites when it comes to bashing . there are many reasons behind this and while the doctor community definetly needs to introspect for the changing mentality of the people towards them , people also should think that if they keep on taking law into their hands like this and start beating up the doctors with every single death that occurs in the hospital, a day will come when most doctors will stop taking any kind of risk while giving  treatment , and this will deprive many patients of life saving surgeries and medical treatment and also the cost of the treatment ,which is already very high, will shoot up skyrocketing high. the patients will either be pushed to the already overcrowded govn hospital or to the corporate hospital who are already taking 2-3 times of normal charges. the only benefeciary in the whole scenario will be the insurance companies who will get hefty amonts from the doctors for giving insurance to the doctors against such incidents of assaulting and property damage[the whole hospital was damaged and the other serious patients in the i.c.u were also disturbed and their treatment stopped by the relatives] and also from the patients as now the doctors will not do any treatment freeof cost or at reduced charges [a person spending thousands of rs in ciggrattes, and alcohol suddenly becomes unable to pay even a thousand rupee as hospital bill and a person not minding spending 50,000 on his clothes and watches still want some concession to be given on the medical bill]. strange are the ways how we in general and as mob behave without thinking about the righteousness of our actions . 


Link – http://blogs.rediff.com/vivvaek/2008/03/15/brutal-assault-on-doctor/