Dhruv Batra, Armed Forces Medical College Graduate Army Doctors,Neurologist.

Updated Jul 7, 2016

Yes .
And Yes
Many of my friends are in the Army Medical Corps(AMC) as its called.(I graduated from the Armed Forces Medical College,Pune)
They actually do not take part in combat but are always accompanying the guys who do(infantry units)​

So they are equally exposed to the danger of war.
(A bullet or   a bomb does not discriminate between different Corps)

Death in the battlefield does not always occur through bullets bombs and missiles,it can happen through harsh weather ,an Avalanche,Collapse of a tent or Igloo in extreme weather,a landslide)
To prove my point……The highest peacetime gallantry award the Ashoka Chakra was awarded to an AMC Officer who gave the supreme sacrifice in tackling a suicide bomber who had attacked the Indian Embassy  in Kabul Afghanistan.
Major Singh confronted the terrorist unarmed and forced him to detonate his vest, which resulted in his death. He was awarded the Ashok Chakra “For his act of exemplary courage, grit, selflessness and valour in the face of a terrorist attack, resulting in his sacrifice and saving 10 of his colleagues.

An AMC Officer is not only a doctor but a soldier too.
Jai Hind.

Avinash Kumar Sharma, works at Indian Army

Written Aug 20, 2016

Last war Army fought was in 1971. Kargil was not an all out war. Last four decades most of Army casualties are because of Insurgencies and other reasons like accidents etc. Doctors, especially young one, are required to treat wounded soldiers even if they cannot be evacuated rearwards. Yes, to that extent, doctors role can be dangerous.


Shivam Tiwari, was my dream, but i keep eye on their every move

Written Jun 14, 2016

Yes they do fight alongside Infantry and special forces, AMC had played an important role during Kargil war many of them lost their life too while healing others.


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Link – https://www.quora.com/Is-life-as-a-doctor-in-the-Indian-Army-Medical-Corps-dangerous-Do-they-have-to-take-part-in-combat-Has-any-doctor-been-killed-in-field-postings