Rupinder Kaur, Save the Doctor

Written Jul 17, 2016

There were times when Doctors were seen next to God.But now we ourselves are moving with “Save the doctor” hoardings in hand. First we work our ass off to clear PMT and then if you survive MBBS without depression. Congratzz. But wait. It was just trailer, movie is still pending,my friend. The Post Graduation Entrance Exam waiting for you. Where you will be asked the incidence of so and so disease, the dimensions of nerves,vessels and what not. And if you clear it fortunately or unfortunately you will be a junior resident. You will have to work even if you develop stress fracture,standing all day long; you haven’t had your meals .

We suffer depression because of fears of acquiring life threatening diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B, etc by the needle stick injury( inspite of being a virgin).

Because of breakups due to not giving time to relationships. Because of NIL security at work. Because of the stupid stuff asked in Entrance. Because of witnessing deaths, hues and cries everyday.

End up from where I started Let’s save the Doctor.


Aarushi Sharma, Iron and Wine.

Written Jul 16, 2016

14th July, 2016.

Govt Medical College, Amritsar.

critical patient infested with maggots was brought to the Medicine Department. Our Post-graduates did everything round the clock for the already dead man. The patient died.

The attendants thrashed the Doctors. They were physically abused to the point that they got fractures and bruises.

So, It is stupid to be a Doctor. It is stupid to be a Post-graduate. Yes, We are depressed. We are scared. We are demons. What else we can be ?

We do everything we can as a Doctor. We do 100 hours duties in a go. We do not have time to eat our foods. We seldom party. We do not know anything about our personal life. Yet, we are always happy serving people.

We are humans. We are no Demi-Gods. If a patient dies after every effort we make, nobody has the right to beat us. Our parents raised us to be Doctors, to serve and not to get thrashed and killed by nonsense mob.

In our case, patient was infested with maggots. The patient was totally neglected. How can the attendants blame us for the death ? How can they beat us ?

Why don’t people beat the retards who dump their girl child in garbage bins ?

Why don’t people beat the child who abandons their parents in hospitals ?

Why don’t people beat the rapists and addicts ?

Why us ?

Why can not our demands for justice be met by anyone?

Why no one comes forward for our support ? Why no one keeps our back protected ?

People in India do not respect Doctors. I am an Intern. I hate being the part of this profession now. The hate is because of people who fail to see through the effort we make. That is why people do USMLE and leave India.

We do not want appreciation. Do not abuse us. This is not a request. We know our job. We love to do it.

Yes, I am depressed. Every Doctor in India is. Thanks to some mindless morons. Thank you for making us scared about our profession. Thank you for taking our respect and pride. Thank you for everything. Thank you for beating us.

Note – In the below link other Doctors has also shared their experience.

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