Nurses for children suffering from their uncomfortable sucking


March 17, 2014 14:25   People’s Network I have something to say ( 7,411 people involved)

Hefei March 17 (Reporter Zhang Lei Guo Yu) March 13 evening 10 pm, Anhui Children’s Hospital, a female nurse for children with suction caused by uncomfortable children, was two children Family repeatedly chase. Female nurses were beaten after headache, dizziness, nausea and other symptoms. At present, the police have been involved in the investigation.

  Misunderstanding of child disease mother and daughter beat the nurse

It is understood that children are more than four months old baby, because congenital heart disease was admitted. Because the child is relatively heavy pneumonia, easily lead to heart infection, is currently not suitable for surgery. As a result of severe pneumonia in children, usually more sputum, nurses every day to give children a few times.

Zhang Qian, the night duty nurses to suck children after the sputum, ready to turn away, children appear choking milk, looking lips cyanosis. Subsequently, the children were brought to oxygen by other nurses. “As long as there is such a situation will be suction,” Anhui Children’s Hospital, director of the Department of Cardiology, said Jiang Yan.

After the end of the oxygen to the nurses to do oxygen saturation test, the results of the test is good. So, nurses will send children and parents back to the ward. However, on the way back, children’s parents met the nurses Zhang Qian.

After the arrival of the parents to push one, then Zhang Qian ignored, went back to the treatment room.However, the child’s mother and grandmother suddenly rushed into the treatment room, Zhang Qian’s head straight down, all the hair scattered Down. I quickly find someone to help, pull them. “Jiang Yan told reporters.

Jiang Yan said, “Zhang Qian was crying, she said she felt the first good halo.” Subsequently, Jiang Yan dial 110 alarm.

 Family members of children admitted to the apology to the nurse

Why play nurses, children’s mother Li Yan said: “was my first hands, because the child is not comfortable, I am in a hurry.” “Beating is wrong.” Afterwards, the child’s mother also realized that he was too impulsive.

In order to apologize, Li Yan in the coordination of the police, the loss of 400 yuan to the nurses Zhang Qian do check.

  Health care workers are very injured within the expectations of family members can be more understanding

After the incident, the department of other health care workers said very chilling: “The recent national attacks on medical incidents have occurred, children are too unreasonable.”

And Zhang Qian Jiang Yan said on duty, a few days ago, she was still a nurse in Nanjing was seriously injured and worried about their families, did not expect a similar injury accident happened in their own side.

“At present, the other nurses and medical staff of our department also feel physically and mentally exhausted, the fear of the heart so that work pressure suddenly increased.” Talk about the lessons of this, Jiang Yan hope parents have more understanding and trust, hope the community can give Health care workers a safe medical environment.



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