Three years in jail for attacking doctors in Himachal

In Himachal Pradesh, now a three-year jail has been made for assaulting doctors and sabotaging the hospitals. The bill has been brought in about this.

JNN, Shimla: The state government has brought amendment bill in the assembly to prevent and prevent violence against doctors in Himachal Pradesh. Now there has been a provision of three years in prison for assaulting doctors and sabotaging hospitals. This crime will be treated as an unlawful act. In this regard, Health Minister Kaul Singh Thakur presented the bill to amend the Himachal Pradesh Medical Services, Individual and Medical Services System and Prevention of Property Damage Act, 2009-2010, in the State Assembly.

The bill has to be passed after discussion in the assembly. The doctors also had a strike in this regard to provide security. However, the State Government will also take note of this in the act that it should not be misused. For this, Health Minister Kaul Singh has originally made three amendments in it. In the first amendment, the state government has made a provision for the first one year sentence, has changed it to three years. Apart from this, this crime has been made cognizable and non-bailable. This act should not be misused, it has also been made provision. Before making it non-bailable, it will be seen that it is not being misused. If the right to be abused with the doctor, then a non-bailable case will be registered. This bill has to be passed on Friday after the discussion.

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