Fri, 22 Feb 2013

 Doctors community in the city are staging a protest on 2nd of March against repeated assaults on them.

In light of the assaults on doctors, and hospital staff, the Doctors Community have decided to stage a protest , near the Mahatma Gandhi statue, on MG Road, in Bangalore on March 2.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, The Doctors Community of Bangalore said the recent assault by attenders of a patient Master Sirish, on the paramedical staff of a hospital, as a result of his unfortunate death, was innumerable, unprovoked. They demanded for immediate action to be taken against those involved in the act.

The community added that cases of medical mal occurrence were one in a million. They also criticised the media for sensationalising the issue, projecting it as a daily occurrence, misleading the public and government into believing such incidents were on the rise. The community rued that such reactions from the public and government may force doctors into practicing defensive medicine.

The community also stressed that doctors were bound by medical oaths, ethics, medical councils, law, consumer forum and anyone who had a problem could redress their grievance to any of these. The community also appealed to the press against the coverage of such issues to happen in an unbiased manner and the face of the individuals be blurred in sensitive cases.

“Proper action should be taken against those who are unethical in their profession. There should also be proper action initiated against the people who are a threat to the society. Media should follow proper ethics of journalism and should report in a unbiased manner”, said Dr. Jagadeesh B S of the community.

The Government of Karnataka in a gazette notification dated March 2 2009, states it is a non bailable offence to assault or threaten doctors/ nurses/ paramedical staff employees of hospital, or to damage hospital property, against which they have to compensate with double amount, or could result in three years imprisonment.

The community also appealed to the Health and Home Ministers’ and the police commissioner to look into the issue and release immediate orders for action against the miscreants.

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