Last updated: 30 August, 2010

Suffers from lack of doctors, medicines and poor infrastructure

The district hospital in Chikkaballapur is suffering from multiple problems. To name a few: Serpentine queue for medicines at the counter which are always short of supply; patients sleeping on the floors due to lack of beds and two or three doctors to treat patients from six taluks.

Though the hospital has got the tag of ‘district hospital’ with an expectation of getting grants and facilities, it’s condition is worse than a hospital in remote hamlet.

There are only two doctors to treat the patients from different taluks and hoblis. A senior doctor told Deccan Herald that nearly 300 deliveries are conducted in the hospital which has only one gynaecologist. If she goes on leave there will be none to treat women. “Our demand for another gynaecologist has fallen on deaf ears,” the doctor rued.

The situation is no better in the case of other specialists and nurses. Only 12 posts of nurse have been filled against the total of 21 sanctioned posts; of the total 29 posts of ‘D’ group employees 16 are vacant. Of the total 87 various other posts, only 53 are filled.
The doctors find it impossible to attend to all the patients – both in-patients and out-patients – on a given day.


There are instances when the patients, agonised by the anxious wait, assaulted the doctors who had gone to the regular rounds and hence, could not attend to the out-patients, the sources in the hospital said.

Besides, the patients are forced to purchase medicine from the private pharmacies as there will either be shortage of supply or the officials in the counter demand more money, said a member of the crowd waiting to consult the doctor.

State Human Rights Commission Chairman S R Nayak during his recent visit had expressed unhappiness over the horrible condition of the hospital. He had instructed the authorities to ensure better treatment for the patients. However, the authorities concerned seem to be still comatose.

Courtesy: Deccan Herald


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