Parents of medical aspirants have been signing petitions in support of resident doctors, as fear spreads among students

As thousands of doctors from the state are taking to the streets demanding security and safe working conditions in hospitals, parents of medical aspirants and students have registered support for their concerns. A large number of parents from the city are now demanding safe working conditions for their children who are aspiring doctors. They have been signing petitions and attending protests in support of resident doctors in the last few days.

“With these frequent attacks on doctors, there is a lot of fear among students and aspirants as they are scared of working in such conditions without any safety measures in place. A parent recently mentioned how a first-year MBBS student from a college in the state was so traumatised by the conflict to attend classes. As parents, we not only demand safe working conditions for doctors, but we also want to emphasise the need for an effective grievance redressal mechanism through which students can raise their concerns to the hospital administration,” said Sudha Shenoy, a city-based parent.

“Young medical students often study in colleges away from home, where they have no support system. In cases where there is tremendous pressure from patients and seniors, students often find it difficult to cope and are at a risk of making mistakes in the long run. It is the duty of the state to ensure that they are treated with utmost care and respect,” said the parent of an aspirant, on the condition of anonymity.

A sarcastic message which stated that NEET aspirants would now need a karate black belt to be eligible for the course resonated among several students. “Getting a medical seat has always been a backbreaking task for most aspirants. With the introduction of NEET, there is tremendous competition to get a seat in government medical colleges. After putting in so much, if doctors are going to be beaten up for no fault of their own, students would definitely think twice before working in government hospitals,” said Shreya Sen, a medical aspirant from the city.

Courtesy: DNA – Daily News & Analysis


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