Administration disallows protest against attack on doctors, DAK dismayed


Srinagar | Sunday, Jul 9 2017 IST

Doctor Association Kashmir today expressed dismay after district administration disallowed holding of a peaceful protest of doctors, nurses and paramedical staff against alleged increase in attacks on medicos.

DAK President Nisar ul Hassan in a statement said it was unfortunate that ”we were not allowed to protest against the repeated attacks on medicos.”

DAK was holding a protest at Press Enclave Srinagar against increased incidences of violence on medical staff that have reached to epidemic proportions.There are regular attacks on medical staff during the course of their duty and there is no safe work environment in hospitals. Hospital staff is being humiliated, harassed and even physically assaulted which is simply not acceptable. He said there seems to be no end to this mad pattern of atrocities against medical personnel which has become a routine. Hospital authorities have failed to create a supportive environment for doctors and paramedics to work effectively.The atrocious attitude towards medicos has forced many doctors to migrate, the DAK president said.

The fear of aggression affects the performance of healthcare providers and compromises the quality of patient care. A fearful mind or trembling hand can never give efficient service to the patient. Doctors put in their blood and sweat to save lives in extremely difficult conditions and instead of appreciation they get thrashing.

Dr Hassan said under the prevailing conditions doctors risk their own lives to reach hospitals and save sick and wounded. It is quite unfortunate that for system failure doctors are blamed and victimised which is preposterous.
People must understand that a doctor can only promise standard and committed care; he or she cannot always ensure a cure which in situations is beyond his or her control.

Courtesy: News Webindia


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