GUWAHATI: Members of the Assam Medical Service Association (AMSA) on Sunday strongly condemned the assault on the medical staff of Dohela Majakhili state dispensary in Goalpara district by a group of people related to a patient who blamed the staff for allegedly administering a medicine which was past its expiry date.

The incident took place last week. The assaulted medical staff included doctors, nurses and other personnel. They were asked to stand outside the dispensary with their arms raised.

AMSA members demanded the arrest of those involved and have asked authorities to punish them as per law. “We demand immediate action against the attackers. This is not the way to address grievances,” said Kanak Talukdar, general secretary of AMSA.

AMSA members also demanded a high level impartial inquiry about the particular medicine that was produced by the patient’s attendant which was alleged to be an expired medicine. The members also said they are ready to participate in a statewide agitation if authorities fail to fulfil the assurance given by the Goalpara district administration.

Courtesy: Times of India


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