Delhi doctors set for seven hour walk out in solidarity with ‘assaulted’ medic, shutting down all but emergency care at the Capital’s key hospitals



The doctors strike virus in Maharashtra is set to hit the Capital on Thursday as some 40,000 doctors in the city stage a walk out, shutting down the medical services at about 40 hospitals all together.

As many as 2,000 surgeries are likely to be postponed at government hospitals.

The doctors are planning to stand in solidarity with a resident doctor, who was brutally beaten up by the relatives of a deceased patient at Mumbai’s Sion Hospital.

Over 4,000 resident doctors across Maharashtra have gone on mass leave, agitating against dangerous working conditions.

Top government hospitals such as AIIMS, RML, Safdarjung are among all Delhi government hospitals, which will be shut down on Thursday.

The Federation of Resident Doctors’ Association (FORDA) has also expressed their support to the doctors in Maharashtra.

The association, which is an umbrella body of all resident doctors in Delhi, has decided to go on mass leave if any action is taken against the doctors in Maharashtra.

Dr Pankaj Solanki, President, FORDA, told Mail Today: ‘About 40,000 resident doctors of at least 40 hospitals have decided to go on mass leave on Thursday between 9am to 4pm. Only emergency duty schedule of resident doctors will be followed during this time.

‘We have taken this step in view of increasing number of assaults on doctors and showing solidarity towards our colleagues from Maharashtra.

‘And we condemn the action taken by government of Maharashtra against doctors.’

A senior doctor, from a government hospital, requesting anonymity informed Mail Today: ‘About 1,500 to 2,000 operations planned for tomorrow (Thursday) would be postponed. We don’t want to go on mass leave which will affect patients but we are helpless. Now, if capital would be burning, definitely government will wake up.

‘The incident at Maharashtra is so grim that instead of providing security to resident doctors at their workplace, Maharashtra government is threatening them.

‘Our fellow doctors are beaten up and government is reluctant to take any action. What we want is just a safe environment at our workplace,’ Dr Vijay Gurjar, President, Resident doctors’ Association of AIIMS told Mail Today.

Doctors show solidarity with Maharashtra strikers with helmets

Around 1,200 resident doctors of AIIMS turned up on duty at the emergency department on Wednesday wearing helmets in support to their striking counterparts in Maharashtra.

Dr Vijay Gurjar, President, Resident doctors’ Association of AIIMS told Mail Today: ‘We don’t want to get our eyes, limbs to be hit and broken severely by patient’s attendants.

‘We are wearing helmet to safeguard ourselves from the brutally of patients and to show authorities who have turned blind to create a safe workplace environment for us.’

‘We work 24/7 round the clock and save lives of people but nobody has sympathy for us. Every next day there is a new story of a doctor gets beaten up,’ Gurjar said.

A patient named Ram Prasad, who was seeking orthopedic treatment at AIIMS told Mail Today: ‘I was surprised to a see a doctor wearing a helmet over his head. At first, I got scared but doctors at AIIMS made be comfortable and provided proper medical aid to me.’

On Wednesday, the Maharashtra government ordered the striking doctors to report to duty by this evening or lose six months’ salary.

Bombay High Court chief justice Manjula Chellur had on Tuesday said: ‘If you (doctors) do not want to work, then resign. You are not factory workers that you will resort to such protests. Shame on you. How can doctors behave in such a manner?’

Courtesy: Mail Online India


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