Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Mumbai: A patient reportedly in an inebriated state slashed a KEM Hospital resident doctor on the forearm while the latter was suturing his wound.

The incident occurred at around 12.45am on Monday, the hospital authorities said. Soon the local police was informed and the patient was taken into custody.

The patient was administered treatment before being handed over to the police, reports ToI.

The patient Sunil Bhamle walked into the emergency surgical ward of the hospital accompanied by a relative. He had suffered some superficial wounds.

According to the police, Bhamle picked up a surgical blade from the tray and slashed Dr Tarun Shetty’s right forearm.

The doctor from the surgery unit was trying to treat Bhamle who was under the influence of alcohol.

Bhamle told the police that he was not being attended to by the doctors despite waiting patiently for quite some time. The hospital doctors denied the allegation.