2. VOILENCE AGAINST DOCTORS As the society evolves and the population becomes more and more literate it is expected that vandalism against doctors would decline.
  3. VOILENCE AGAINST DOCTORS Recently we have noticed not only a rise in the incident but there is major change in the trend. It was believed that mob violence is commonly seen in clinics and establishments in communally sensitive or politically sensitive area or in slums and industrial belts. However recent incidents show us that the culprits involved in such incident are surprisingly well educated and well placed economically.
  4. One wonders…. WHY PUBLIC ENVY DOCTORS One wonders whether we doctors are victims of a general envy that the society has against us because we enjoy a very special social status in the society….in comparison to rest of Professionals
  5. GENESIS of VOILENCE As soon as a mishap to a patient undergoing treatment is communicated there is a knee jerk reaction from the attending relatives. This is very natural. Other relatives begin to visit the place now and start asking UNENDING questions about the incident. At this point the concerned doctor may loose his cool as he is forced give explanation again and again. This is where the communication may become undesirable and situation become little tensed.
  6. GENESIS As the news of the mishap spreads in the area where the patient stays, the local population gets instigated to visit the site. These may include local goons, local politicians, local ‘’would be politicians’’, local dissatisfied old patients ,and also some who come just to watch the fun
  7. MOB MENTALITY • Mob lacks intelligent reasoning and wishes to have fun • A call by even one person ‘’Maro’’ ‘’Todo’’ can instigate the crowd to barge in and start the vandalism. In such Situation can go out of hand in no time.
  8. TIPS TO HANDLE Form a local ‘’Rush Team’’ of doctors for helping a doctor in distress. This team should include senior practitioners (surgeon, Gynaecologist, GP, anaesthetist etc.). The team should be only one phone call away in case of impending suspected mob violence.
  9. LOCAL RUSH TEAM: • The teams responsibility is to help the affected doctor in medical management (if needed) and for ensuring proper communication with the relatives. • Ideally death should be declared only when the rush team arrives.
  10.  The rush team has to conduct itself properly and with dignity. They should not take charge of the situation. The owner should take the main chair and do the talking for communication. • Team members should interfere only it the communication is taking a wrong turn. LOCAL RUSH TEAM:
  11. SECURITY: Security personnel on duty will always be out-numbered by the mob and hence inadequate during such vandalism, however each establishment should have CCTV cameras installed and there should be boards at conspicuous places saying ‘’you are under electronic surveillance ‘’. This will curb many such untoward incidents.
  12. INSURANCE: Apart from our professional indemnity, we should also have insurance for damage to property and riots. The premium for these insurances is very small in amount.
  13. PHOTOGRAPHS: As soon as the vandalism occurs take photographs of the damage. These are to be submitted as evidence of damage in police panchanama and for insurance to claim damages.
  14. INJURY CERTIFICATES: If any of the doctors or staff has been manhandled.. it is important to send them to another nearby hospital for first aid and to get and injury certificate which is needed in the police panchanama and later in the Court.
  15. POLITICIANS: Avoid involving politician at this stage because politicians are like double edged swords. They may help you in the present situation but will take advantage later. If they are from the side of the miscreants, they will insist on cleaning the mess and destroying the evidence before photographs are taken.
  16. POLITICIANS: Another view is that we should call a known politician ourselves because when such an incident occurs .. politicians will come to the site any way, whether you had called them or not.
  17. CALL POLICE: • If there is intra-op death or immediate post-op death avoid giving DC and put the onus of explaining (to the relatives) the need for MEDICO LEGAL POST MORTEM on to the police…IT IS MUST
  18. CALL POLICE: • Hand over the photographs and CCTV footage to them. • Co-operate in the panchanama • Insist that FIR against the culprit is made as soon as possible.
  19. CALL POLICE: • Many a times police is not aware of the act against such vandalism which is in force in Delhi, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, AP and various other states . Hence it is prudent to have a copy of this act with us always.
  20. Know the law of DOCTOR’S protections • As per the act if found guilty of commitment, attempt to commit and or abetment there can be imprisonment which can extend to three years with fine which can extend to 10,000/-or both + Compensation double the amount of loss or as judged by the court. • It is COGNIZABLE, NON-BAILABLE . • Bail is given by court of judicial magistrate first class and non-compoundable
  21. REACTION OF POLICE • Police may want to delay immediate arrest of culprits because it can worsen the law and order situation. However if police is delaying arrest even after the cremation, make a complaint to senior police officers or one can make use of RTI or we may have to go ahead with writ petition. Inform the insurance company with copy of FIR,CCTV footage and photographs.
  22. CONCLUSIONS Mob violence will continue • Till doctors get back the lost respect • Till our general population become literate • Till there is a socio-economic rift between us and the general population • Till violence remains and inseparable part of our existence is country
  23. Doctors wake up !
  24. Our plea is that we do not intend to protect negligent doctors-they can be made to appear in appropriate courts HOWEVER • We cannot accept vandalism of any kind against doctors, hospital staff, other admitted patients and the establishment. • The culprits have to be punished as a non-bailable offence. The crime should be non-compoundable. CONCLUSION
  25. Doctors unite for your protection !

Courtesy: Dr Sharda Jain


Link – https://www.slideshare.net/LifecareCentre/handling-mob-violence-against-doctors-and-their-medical-establishment