Published: 20th May

BENGALURU: Even though Karnataka Prohibition of Violence against Medicare Service Personnel and Damage to Property in Medicare Service Institutions Act, 2009, is in place, incidents of violence against medical professionals and medical establishments are on the rise in the state.

Recognising this, DG&IGP R K Dutta has issued a standard operating procedure (SOP) to the police department on Friday to be followed in cases of violence.

“There appears to be a lack of understanding on the part of local police in handling incidents of violence against medical professionals. To have clarity in this regard, an SOP was issued,” the circular said.

Once the control room receives information of violence against medical professionals, police personnel shall immediately reach the place. Protection shall be provided immediately,  the circular said.

Preventive measures to be taken by cops

Police personnel shall have contact numbers and addresses of all medical professionals/medical care establishments in their jurisdiction.

The beat officer shall have numbers and addresses of medical professionals/establishments in his beat area

WhatsApp group at SP/DCP level may also be considered with medical professionals/establishments of the respective jurisdiction

Courtesy: The New Indian Express


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