Published : April 13, 2015

Yet another shameful attack on a doctor was caught on surveillance, this time, in Allahabad. Dr.Rohit Gupta is a well practiced Gastroenterologist associated with multiple hospitals, Maa Sharda Hospital and Shakuntala hospital, Allahabad. As he was visiting the ICU to see a patient who had just passed away, he was brutally beaten up by the relatives.

The patient was 80 years old, diagnosed with alcoholic cirrhosis with renal failure. Patient had suffered an arrest late night and was revived, yet, passed away at 4 AM today morning. Dr.Rohit Gupta who went to see the patient was instead met by angry relatives who not only thrashed him but also snatched his mobile, gold chain and damaged the ICU infrastructure. Dr. Gupta suffered facial fracture and multiple soft injuries.

The news however has not been covered by the media yet, but spread rapidly through social networks. Dr Dayananda M has uploaded the CCTV footage of the attack on youtube.

Note – Please see YouTube footage below the article

Courtesy: Daily Rounds


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