Published : Wednesday, 10 May 2017


Paving way to the much-awaited demand made by Jharkhand Chapter of Indian Medical Association (IMA) for providing protection to the persons and institutions related to health services, the State Cabinet on Tuesday gave its nod to the proposal of Jharkhand Medicare Service Persons and Medicare Institutions (Prevention of Violence and damage to Property) Bill 2017 where a person could be sent to jail for up to three years and a fine up to `50,000 could be imposed on him for getting violent against them.

A total of 9 proposals were passed by the Cabinet, including partial changes in building bylaws.

Under the proposed act, a non-bailable warrant could be issued against a person or a fine up to `50,000 could be imposed on the person getting violent against the persons involved in providing health services. Such a crime will be cognisable and also non-bailable which could be disposed of by a competent court only, said Cabinet Secretary SS Meena. In addition to that, the person will also have to pay twice the value of the damages created by him to the property related to health services, he added.

The demand for medical protection law has been spearheaded by doctors, particularly noted ophthalmologist Dr Bharti Kashyap since 2008.

Meanwhile, the institutions will also have to follow some ethics and have to provide clear cut information related to the treatment given to a patient and also have to disclose the lump-sum expenses which he might have to pay for his treatment.

It is also expected from the related institutions that they will follow the ethics specified by IMA and will provide emergency services to the patients on priority basis, Meena said. It must also be ensured by them that the dead bodies were handed over to patient relative immediately, without delaying it for the payment of medical bill incurred on them, he added.

Meena further added that in case the above provisions were found to be violated by them, registration of that institution will be cancelled immediately and action against the person involved in it will be recommended to the competent authority.

In another decision of the State Cabinet, it also cleared Jharkhand Building (amendment) Bylaws 2017 where a provision has been made to clear maps for construction of a building within 15 days from the day an application is made in this regard.

Earlier, the maximum limit for passing map for a building was 60 days which has been reduced to 15 days only. It has also been made mandatory to leave at least 10 per cent of the total construction area open by a land owner which earlier was 15 per cent, he added. If a building was found to be fulfilling all the parameters specified by the competent authority, it might be declared as a ‘Green Building and a rebate in holding tax could be given to it, he added.

The Cabinet also gave its nod to set up three more schools in Ranchi, Dumka and Chaibasa on the lines of Netarhaat Residential School in Latehar.

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