Being a Physician Executive, I have seen and have a deep perspective of the community’s perspective towards doctors. Unfortunately there is a wide trust deficit between the medical fraternity and the common man.

This trust deficit makes the common man feel that every doctor has a single minded focus to over-charge the patient or squeeze the maximum out of each patient or fool the patient and make him undertake unnecessary tests. Further they feel that many doctors prolong an in-patient (Hospital Admission) episode beyond the required time.

I would like to stress at the outset that this generalization of the medical profession is uncalled for and unacceptable, For this being one of the noblest profession still has majority of physicians whose primary concern is their patients welfare. Yet I would like to mention there is a murky underbelly in this craft that has given the whole profession a darker shade.

This answer is incomplete without me mentioning the most plausible cause for this misplaced trust deficit. It is COMMUNICATION GAP. Either our physicians are too busy or simply think it is futile to explain the disease progression, the possible clinical management options, jointly choosing the personalised plan of care for the patient (along with the patient and his family or care givers) and or the physician doesn’t have a great EQ (Emotional Quotient). The last point is something that is changing as and when the curricula for the medical schools is evolving, MCI (Medical Council of India) plans to introduce soft skills capsule for all young doctors which would lead to physicians being well trained in bed side manners, conversation skills, counselling techniques etc. Finally leading to happy and trusting patients!



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