Reasons for attack on doctors are

1.Mismatch between expectations and reality- often one moment doctors are considered GOD who should be able to revive the patient no matter what,and a criminal the next moment when he fails in the expectations.

2.General rot and decay in the society- people nowadays are frustrated in their lives due to umpteen number of reasons ranging from unemployment,marital issues and so on.when they find defenseless doctors they get an easy prey to vent their frustration.This is a specific defense mechanism called displacement. I will share about example to tell laymen what I am talking about.

The boss gets angry and shouts at me.I get dejected,go home and shout at my wife in turn shouts at our son.with nobody left to displace anger onto,he goes and kicks the dog.

3. Inability of the government to provide us with adequate protection.when we agitate politicians try to assuage us with a lot of promises, which are promptly forgotten the moment we call off the agitation.

4. Nil action by the police which only serves to embolden these criminals.

5. Public anger due to poor facilities and long waiting hours at government facilities. Beating up Doctors,who are always in the frontline, appears to be something that helps people relieve this anger.they well know they can’t touch the politicians.

6. Media portraying all doctors as criminals ready to kill you if you don’t pay up.

7.Jealousy due to the respect doctors command.

8. Some malpracticing doctors who tarnish the image of the good ones.

9.failure of doctors throughout the country to unite consistently on common grounds .

Courtesy: Anirban Palit, Doctor – Quora

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