published :March 7th, 2014

Violence against medical workers, China’s “war on smog” and the second child policy are the main themes in Friday’s papers.

The safety of medical workers has fallen into the media spotlight due a recent series of attacks on hospital staff

In a recent incident, a doctor at a hospital in Guangdong Province was surrounded and humiliated by more than 100 people on Wednesday afternoon.

According to reports, the crowd dragged and paraded the weeping doctor in the courtyard for failing to save a drunk 37-year-old man from dying of a heart attack.

Condemning the unruly behaviour of the crowd, the Southern Metropolis Daily comments that communication channels between medical workers and patients need to be improved.

It adds that a lack of respect for doctors from the public amid rising medical costs might also be a reason for the “tragedy”.

“The patients see the doctors as businessmen, and the medical institutions are using the doctors to increase their earnings doctors should be given due respect in terms of incentives and recognition to keep them motivated,” the daily says.

The People’s Daily notes that the recent incident took place on the same day the National Party Congress started its annual session in Beijing.

“I have noticed this report. It is very bad behaviour. Local authorities will deal with them legally,” Li Bin, the minister of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, is quoted by the daily as saying.

Ms Li adds that the delegates attending the parliamentary meetings have expressed shock and anger towards recent violent attacks on medical staff and have given “a number of good suggestions” to deal with the situation.

Courtesy: BBC News


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