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Dr.SrikanthSundaresh - Healthy Practice

A warm HELLO to all fellow colleagues in the medical fraternity. By the word medical fraternity, I mean the doctors, irrespective of their stream of medicine, the paramedics, the nursing staff, the technicians, the ward boys, the peons, the chemist, the ambulance drivers and a host of other people involved in providing treatment to the patient.

In fact, the medical fraternity involves the patient also, so a very warm Hello to you too, dear patient.

With such a huge amount if people involved in framing this fraternity, it is pathetic when some unruly incidences keep occurring in hospitals, like riots, violence, bad mouthing and a whole lot of such things.

United,we can take a stand. United, we can fight against the biggest of the miscreants. United, we can become a force to reckon with.

This newspaper is made with the intention of bringing everyone in the medical fraternity under one umbrella,share our problems on an open forum,provide an opportunity for every person to voice their side of the story.

Also, having a group of consultants from various fields in tie up, we can provide adequate know how to any news item concerned with health, on whether the news is really true, how it harm or help the society in general.

We aim towards Healthy practice.

– Dr. Srikanth Sundaresh
Editor-in-Chief, Healthy Practice
Tuesday, 18 Feb 2017